Summary of July 30 Users Group Meeting

We had a very successful first meeting! The first 30 minutes was dedicated to introductions and discussing meeting logistics. Following is a brief summary of that discussion:

  • We will attempt to meet monthly
  • We hope to work with Platform Lab to establish a permanent meeting location
  • Most attendees agreed that they hope to see this forum as a vehicle for PowerShell exploration
  • Introductions of the 12 people attending resulted in a broad cross section of represented technologies, for example:
    • VM
    • Active Directory
    • Operations Manager
    • Configuration Manager
    • Deployments
    • WMI
    • Exchange
    • Citrix
  • We will have guest speakers from local companies

The 2nd half of the meeting was a Q&A session with Jeff Hicks.

  • Jeff shared with us some of his thoughts with respect to PowerShell 2.0. This included:
    • Remoting (requires PowerShell V2 at both ends)
    • Background jobs
    • Enhanced commandlets
    • Graphical Powershell (ISE)
  • He also shared with us the uses of PowerShell profiles and the importance of signing yours
  • Commented on the use of PowerShell V2 AD cmdlets will only work with Windows Sercver 2008 V2
  • Early versus late filtering
  • Using WBEMTest to test WMI queries
  • How to include a function library via your profile
  • Group Policy ADM templates to lock down PowerShell on client machines
  • Discussed script source control (Sapien’s ChangeView, Visual Source Safe, Subversion

Many thanks to Quest for providing some “swag” for the meeting!

Charter Members!

Charter Members!

Details of the August meeting will be posted soon.


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